Tuesday, September 10, 2013

David Kirby’s “Talking About Movies with Jesus: Poems”

David Kirby’s Talking About the Movies with Jesus: Poems was published in 2011 by LSU Press. I have to admit, it was the publisher who pulled me into buying the book, staying true to the alma mater and all. (Actually, LSU Press publishes a lot of good poetry, and other kinds of works, too; it and the Southern Review have a rather long and distinguished history at LSU.)

But this book of poems is unusual. Kind of wild, in fact. The poems range all over the place. And I was impressed enough to write a review that imitated the poetic style Kirby uses.

So please see my post today at Tweetspeak Poetry. You’ve heard of performance art? Think of this as performance review.


Maureen said...

Love the "performance review". Nice play on words, too.

Anonymous said...

i like the tweet review as well as mo's poetry comment.