Saturday, February 24, 2024

Saturday Good Reads - Feb. 24, 2024

The gentle author (that’s the pen name he uses) at Spitalfields Life used 1927 cigarette cards of Dickens’ London and took a walk to see the buildings, or remnants of buildings, that might still be there. And he took photographs, so you can juxtapose the drawings on the cards with the photos. As it turns out, one of them, the Water Gate at Essex Street, features an area in my novel Dancing Prophet. Another one, 48 Doughty Street, is the home of the Charles Dickens Museum.  

Stanford Medicine published a study that identified distinct brain organization patterns in women and men. While it’s something my wife could have told them without spending the research money, it’s still interesting that there is scientific evidence for it. I can’t even imagine the outrage this is going to evoke.


Dr. Michael Kruger, professor at and president of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, notes one of the markers or characteristics of very early Christians. And it remains a marker of contemporary Christians. From earliest times, Christians were “people of the text.”


More Good Reads




Westminster Abbey and the Danger of Inhospitality – John Beeson at The Bee Hive.


When Cultural Tailwinds Become Cultural Headwinds – Stephen McAlpine.


Writing and Literature


Cormac McCarthy’s Sideline: Freelance Copy Editor – Joel Miller at Miller’s Book Review.


Fiction and Time – John Wilson at Prufrock. 


Any Day Now: An Adventure Story – Henry Lewis at Story Warren. 


Life and Culture


Katherine Brodsky Is Not Sorry – Rod Dreher at Rod Dreher’s Diary.


Critical Thinking”: What Does It Really Mean? – Daniel Lattier at The Imaginative Conservative.


Unpacking of “Separation of Church and State” – Alan Strange at Crossway.




Lenten Sonnet – Andrew Peterson at Rabbit Room Poetry.


“Disobedience” by A.A. Milne – Joseph Bottum at Poems Ancient and Modern.


Getting to Stop by Woods on a Snowy Evening – Simeon Swinger at Mere Orthodoxy. 


American Stuff


Roosevelt’s Grief – David Bannon at Front Porch Republic. 


“A Heart Devoted to the Welfare of Our Country” – John Quincy Adams’ inaugural address via The Imaginative Conservative. 


How the 1619 Project Distorted History – James Oakes at Jacobin.




Metaphor and Rain of one afternoon – Sonja Benskin Mesher.


Early Gerhard Richter mural, painted over in 1979, resurfaces in Dresden – Catherine Hickley at The Art Newspaper.




War and Genocide in the Name of God – Nicholas Denysenko at Church Life Journal.


Shadow of Shaddai – Steffany Gretzinger

Painting: Portrait of a Rabbi. Oil on canvas circa 1900. Artist unknown

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