Monday, May 18, 2009

The Engaged Consumer

In earlier posts, I wrote about a speech I gave at a Conference Board meeting last week in New York. The meeting was called "Corporate Communication and Web 2.0," and it was all things social media. As I was speaking, an attendee commented on my presentation in a series of 12 tweets on Twitter (well, it was about social media; what did I expect?).

And then today, a blog called The Engaged Consumer posted this. And the blog post is now being tweeted on Twitter.

Oh, boy.


Mike Dellosso said...

Congrats, Glynn! You seem to have made quite an impact with your speech.

Glynn said...

Thanks, Mike. Given that the conference was on social media, I shouldn't have been surprised that an attendee tweeted my presentation on Twitter. I believe his response and the response of others (attendees were mostly from companies or government)was due to the extent of our involvement, and the fact that we were making ourselves vulnerable by design (vulnerablity is part of the deal when it comes to creating and building relationships).