Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Good Reads

It was an evil week for news. What happened at the church in Charleston, South Carolina, is inexplicable, unless you accept the fact that sin distorts everything in human life, even the best of things. Nine beautiful people were killed, but I will not, cannot, accept any idea that they died in vain.

There was beauty this week, too, and good writing, startling photographs, fears, and joy. And humor. When life weighs us down, we need all of these things.

Art and Photography

The Apex of Spring – More Plein Air – and Rothko – David Randall Tipton at Painter’s Process.

Lines in the Dark – Tim Good at National Geographic / Your Shot and Leaf in Rain at Photography by Tiwago.


His Murderer and His Keeper – Richard Chess at Image Journal.

My Dysfunctional Relationship with God - Damaris Zehner at Internet Monk.

Dealing with Secular Extremism – Mark Galli at Christianity Today.

A cross to bear: the vanishing Christians of the Middle East – Giles Fraser at The Guardian (Hat tip: J of India).

The Church is dying and I couldn’t be more excited – Richard Beck at Experimental Theology.

Mark – Chaplain Mike at Internet Monk.


Writing for the “country club” – Mike Duran at deCompose.

Songless – Lanier Ivester at The Rabbit Room.

Let the Work Do Its Work – Mick Silva.

On Being a Writer from Jackson - Katy Simpson Smith at Oxford American.

So Why Write a “Christian” Novel? – Rachel Hauck at Novel Rocket.

100 Years to Build a Library – Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.


Boy Again – Seth Haines.

In the Year of the Simultaneous Savior – P.S. Dean at Curator Magazine.

Life and Culture

Magna Carta and the Law that Governs Government – Mark Fitzgibbons at American Thinker.

Before the Fall of Baseball – Chad Johnston at Image Journal.


Timelines Converge – F.C. Etier.

Only in Louisiana

Farewell, Fannie Bell – Rod Dreher at American Conservative.


Lindsey Stirling rocks Phantom of the Opera (Hat tip: Laura Barkat).

Photograph: “Night Vision” by Mark Coldren via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.

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