Sunday, August 23, 2015

Three Envelopes - Poem by Jared Gilbert

Jared Gilbert is a friend of mine (online and in-person); we both serve on our church’s Board of Deacons. And we’re both interested in poetry.

Jared posted  this one today, entitled “Three Envelopes.” This is how it starts:

The envelopes sit on my desk, addressed and stamped.
stamps, which never lose value. A promise
that this letter will reach him,
no matter how much time has passed.
Or what change.

You should read it all, and you can by visiting Jared’s blog, Total Depravity.

Photograph by Claudette Gallant via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.

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Anonymous said...

This was really powerful, Glynn. Thank you for sharing. I had NO idea that Jared wrote so beautifully, or that he did at all. It looks as if our deacons are men of many talents.