Friday, July 8, 2011

Art Alley

Twilight time.
I wander into this gallery,
see, and just as I step inside
I pause, mid-stride:
Art Alley by Bonnie,
Artist's Personal Collection.
The patrons before me
are so captivated
they’ve become
one with the paintings,
flesh and muscle and bone
and tissue flattened
into canvas pigments,
digital brush strokes,
creation’s DNA.
I think that’s weird,
twilight zone at twilight time,
but I pause too lo--.

This poem is submitted for Friday Poetically with Brian Miller at One Stop Poetry. To see other poems, please visit the site.

Digital Image by Bonnie at Original Art Studio. Used with permission for One Stop Poetry.


hedgewitch said...

Quite the Twilight Zone ending,(we watched a TZ marathon on cable all July 4th weekend, so it's quite fresh in my mind) and a fine tribute to a fine artist. I also liked this one for the prompt, even though the picture with the fiddler was very hard to resist.

Anonymous said...

i watched twilight zone when i was young...until the one where the doll talked and the one where people got sucked into the wall at night if they got up and walked around or something like that.

no more tz after that.

your poem is like people turning into paintings...that creeps me out a little bit.

Brian Miller said...

ha...great line break there at the end...not sure i will be coming to save you as i am stuck in my own pic at the moment...nice amalgamation with TZ...been forever since i watched those...

S. Etole said...

just like a TZ rerun!

HisFireFly said...

Yes, yes Glynn -- for you are indeed captured in art, the art of your words, and God is well pleased to keep you there!

I chose the same painting today

signed...bkm said...

reminds me of one of the twilight episodes i watched where the man wanted to escape into the painting...and found himself in the wrong one....bkm

Anonymous said...

I do like this. (and art can steal your soul)

Bonnie said...

Wow - tissue flattened into canvas pigments ... love it!!

RMP said...

nice! i definitely feel sucked in. really like the idea of the patrons being painted into the art.

Sheila Moore said...

oh my! what just happened? poor guy. very creepy and definitely would have made a great twilight zone episode.