Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Month with Keats: Keats and Wentworth House

Anita Miller, our guide on the Keats Walk, leads us from Hampstead Heath and back toward the town of Hampstead. We pass a small circus, with circus music and clowns smoking cigarettes behind the big tent. We make our way through the crowds to a narrow street called Keats Grove. About four houses down, we come upon Wentworth House.

John Keats in his study by Joseph Severn
The house was built in 1816, not long before John Keats first encountered it. As our guide and the docent at the house tell us, it was originally what we Americans call a duplex, with a wall dividing the house into two separate residences. The left side was occupied by Charles Armitage Brown, Keats’ good friend and hiking companion, and Keats himself after his brother Tom died in December 1818. On the right was the Dilke family, who moved out and replaced by the Brawne family, including the eldest daughter, Frances, or Fanny, who became Keats’ great love and fiancĂ©e.

A meeting room on the left has been added in the recent past, suitable for lectures, poetry readings and other literary activities. Four rooms downstairs mirror four rooms upstairs, divided by the staircase, with the kitchen in the basement.

To continue reading, please see my post today at Tweetspeak Poetry.

Photograph: Wentworth House, known as Keats House today, where Keats wrote some of his greatest poems.

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