Friday, December 1, 2017

Books I’m Not Recommending for Christmas: Mystery, Art and Literature, and Fiction

It’s that time of year again, when I don’t recommend books for Christmas. I’ve always believed that decisions about what books to buy are intensely personal. So, what follows is a list (linked to the review) of the best books I read in 2017. But I’m not recommending them. I think.

The first group includes the categories of mystery; art, literature and criticism; and fiction. Next week I’ll have history and biography; life, culture, and faith; and poetry.

Books that I would include in these categories but for which I haven’t published reviews yet include East End Vernacular: The Artists Who Painted London’s East End, published by Spitalfields Life; Heads or Tails, a mystery by Damien Boyd; and Ink, a play by James Graham.


Art, Literature, and Criticism


Photograph by Cesar Viteri via Unsplash. Used with permission.


Michele Morin said...

Clyde Kilby -- I haven't read anything of his that's not about C.S. Lewis. Thanks for [not] recommending him. And I chuckled over your intro. The problem with most of us readers is that to hear a title is to receive a "recommendation."

Tabatha said...

Thanks for the non-recommendations. I will give "Thirteen Guests" a go.