Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 15th Day of Community: Russell Holloway

You must get all kinds of interesting reactions when your name on Twitter is @LuvStomp.

Russell Holloway is a registered mental health counselor in private practice at the Port Orange Counseling Center in Port Orange, Florida. He and his wife are the parents of two boys. He enjoys multi-sports racing, hiking and reading.

And he has a heart for the homeless, the hurting – and for God.

Until just a few days ago, his blog was called Bullets & Butterflies. He’s opened a new space online called Give Peas a Chance (I love the pun; I told him he should also try to visualize whirled peas, like the bumper sticker suggests.)

What does he write about? Hearts, mostly. Take a look.

• Notes from a friend’s work at a homeless shelter when it’s cold in Florida (“Just Look”).
• The importance of intimacy (“Make Love Not Porn”).
• “If you go to church long enough you'll get your heart stomped on. With people involved, it's a given” (“Pretend Perfection”).
• And how his own heart was changed after listening to a speech about African-American history being American history (“American Made”).

I’ve never met Russell face-to-face, but we’ve traded tweets, emails and DMs. When I read his blog posts, I find understanding, compassion and gentleness.

You should, too.

Update: Russell says that he's going to stick with Bullets & Butterflies only.

(Last month, a number of us participating in the “Twelve Days of Community” - see the button at the top right - sponsored by The High Calling Blogs. The purpose was to highlight the blog or web site of someone other than ourselves during the season of Advent and Christmas. I liked the idea so much that I’m going to continue to do that -- highlight a blog or web site of a person whose thoughts and writing have had an impact on me and others.)


nAncY said...

good one, glynn.

Russell Holloway said...

Hey Glynn,

I get so much from reading your blog, I'm very honored you would highlight Bullets & Butterflies ...

Ironically, I decided this morning to discontinue Give Peas a Chance after a two day run.

Our Father guided me during prayer that I need to stick to one blog and not two. It did not feel like He was going to bless it, so out it went ... I wish I was strong enough to do that in other areas of my life ... :-)

At the end of the day I am a therapist who writes sometimes, and not a writer first ... :-)

Peace to you in Jesus name ... :-)

Phoenix-Karenee said...

Ehehe... Someone who will actually get "this" -> Whirled Peas

And now off to read those fascinating-sounding posts.

Maureen said...

I so enjoy reading about the people you choose to feature.

And yes, "whirled peas" and "give peas a chance"!

Kathleen said...

We'll read one then...

Laura said...

Russell sounds like a true character! You know those mental health professionals are crazy. :)

and re: your last post...I could tell you were a softie!

travelinglightghiglia5 said...

I have really enjoyed reading several of the blogs you have posted. Fred Sprinkle's blog was a delightful find. Thanks for sharing the treasures with us!