Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The 16th Day of Community: David Rupert

When I happened across David Rupert’s blog Red Letter Believers some months ago, I felt like I had discovered a kindred spirit. I still do.

If I remember correctly, I was looking at the Inside Work blog managed by Jim Hancock, and read a post by Bradley Moore, the Shrinking Camel himself. I clicked over to Bradley’s blog, and liked it so much that I added it to my RSS reader. And one day, a guy with an avatar showing duct tape over his mouth commented on one of Bradley’s posts; I followed the link and discovered Red Letter Believers. (He’s since changed his avatar.)

David works in corporate communications as a writer/editor for the U.S. Postal Service. I’ve spent 90 percent of my career in corporate communications, and a big chunk of that as a writer/editor. We read and follow a lot of the same blogs – and we didn’t plan it that way. We arrived at these same places independently of one another. On his blog, he writes a lot about work, and faith, and work and faith. Here’s what he says his blog is about:

“Red Letter Believers go far beyond politics or religion or entertainment or the things of earth. We are here to encourage each other to live the words of Christ -- the same words that many Bibles put 'in red.' We seek to live out our faith, impacting our homes, our communities, our jobs and our nation.”

He’s written about the difference between being spiritual and being religious; about responding to disaster; Mark McGuire and cheating; Christian party poopers; and what your boss really wants for Christmas, among dozens of other subjects. What they have in common is this: simple, clean language; clarity; depth; and the perspective of faith. Always the perspective of faith.

As I said, I have the blog on my RSS reader, but Red Letter Believers is one of the few blogs I actually check daily. Do the same and be richly rewarded.

(Last month, a number of us participating in the “Twelve Days of Community” - see the button at the top right - sponsored by The High Calling Blogs. The purpose was to highlight the blog or web site of someone other than ourselves during the season of Advent and Christmas. I liked the idea so much that I’m going to continue to do that -- highlight a blog or web site of a person whose thoughts and writing have had an impact on me and others.)


Russell Holloway said...


I've always enjoyed Red Letter Believers, too. David Rupert's style and content is unique.

Maureen said...

I'm glad you are continuing your shout-outs; they are such a good way to share glimpses into those we admire.

David@Red Letter Believers said...



nAncY said...

yeah...david is a pretty cool dude.

S. Etole said...

thank you for continuing to connect us with others ...

Laura said...

How wonderful to find a kindred spirit by surprise. I'm heading over there to say hello now.

Don Kimrey said...

I found you by way of Bradley Moore, whose work and opinions I value highly. I've also discovered that his friends are quite bright and helpful. . . you being one of them. I'll be back, but before I leave i'll visit a while. Good work. . . in terms of content, format and a generous spirit. ~donkimrey

Graceful said...

I just recently met up with David at Red Letter Believers, too. Nice guy...and he writes well, too!

This is a nice thing you are doing here, Glynn.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

David was one of the very first bloggers that I read, and he's still one of my very favorites.