Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yellow Pad

Yellow pad lined
in pale, horizontal
empty with the tint of
air, awaits a
word or
two, perhaps three.

Pen, filled with
inky black, like dried
hovers in rose-blush hope
to midwife a
word or
two, perhaps three.

Word, awaiting a
birth, the color of
Flows from the heart; a
word or
two, perhaps three,
fit for a yellow pad.


Corinne said...

There is nothing I love more than an empty yellow legal pad. Honestly! I feel this rush of excitement when I see one...
Love this Glynn!

Maureen said...

This is quite lyrical, Glynn. I'm glad these words found their place on your pad.

Anonymous said...

a soul
made for word
flowing from Love
listens for
a word of light
or two
perhaps three

S. Etole said...

words awaiting birth ... sometimes slow in the transition

Claire said...

glynn more than anything the structure of this poem spoke to me of birth.

you have structured it like a birthing canal and this is more beuatiful than the poetry itself which is outstanding.

the first words out of my mouth after reading were: "yes"

and then i smelt the yellow, aged paper.

Kathleen said...

"Midwife a word"...oh my, oh my. Soulish man.

livingpalm said...

yes! i could fill a whole yellow legal pad with thoughts of how much i love yellow legal pads...

Kelly Langner Sauer said...


Yes, that's really about what I felt when I posted last night. Love it. I just love it.

L.L. Barkat said...

Yum. I really like this. :)

mom2six said...

Nice flow, nice images.

Anonymous said...

oh exactly. Love this.