Monday, October 24, 2011

Beneath a surface

A placid surface
an expressionless face
a perfunctory smile (Sunday smile)
a drawn curtain
an ebb tide
a portrait, idealized
a shallow conversation

to disguise, to hide

hurt, pain, destruction
anguish, panic, fear
the difficulties that are
this world we know
this life we live
each day


This poem is submitted to the Warrior Poet Circle hosted by Jason Stasyszen. Today’s prompt is “difficulties.” To see more poems submitted, please visit Connecting to Impact.

Photograph: Sunrise by the lake by Bora Bora via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Anonymous said...

so often this is how we live. I wonder why. why we are so afraid to be real.

Maureen said...

That image offers such interesting perspective. Looked at one way, it seems as though the figure is on a cliff edge, though we know it's shore edge, the water reflecting the sky. The stillness of the water hides the turbulence below, what your poem speaks to. The disguise brings its own pain; and, as we eventually come to understand, the disguise is flimsy, the reality usually quite obvious even to those we think we're hiding from.

Anonymous said...

It must break God's heart that He gives everything for us to be with Him and we miss it and spend so much time pretending when really we're alone. Great poem and thanks for participating, Glynn.

Anonymous said...

above the surface

the curtain has been torn
breaking the surface
we see our sinful self
our life
in the darkness
we know who we are
no need to hide
from the light
walk in the light
see our sinful nature
no need to hide
our ragamuffin self
no need to hide
our Love of God
our need
for all our Love and
all Glory goes to our Savior
the King
we are no longer lost
no longer apart
no longer alone
rise from beneath
shake the placid surface
feel the living water
know the pain and destruction
the anguish, and hurt
of this life
from it He was not spared
we know his Love is in all
no need to hide
take up your cross
and follow

Mama Zen said...

Absolutely true, Glynn!