Saturday, October 29, 2011

Words, no conversation

RAGE against the man
bail out Main Street
not Wall Street help
the 99% not the 1%

                                                Communists Alinsky-trained
                                                or Bill Ayres inspired 1960s
                                                wannabes where’s the RAGE
                                                against Dodd and Frank

destroy capitalism, aka
corporate welfare
control by economic
elites – leeches

                                                politics of envy, spite
                                                it’s the election isn’t it
                                                divide and isolate
                                                shameful – vermin

gilded moguls

                                                spoiled children
                                                indoctrinated by the NEA

criminals in suits
crapping on society
destroying the
middle class
pay my college loans

                                                rapists, thieves, hoodlums
                                                defecating on sidewalks
                                                destroying parks
                                                defacing monuments
                                                co-opted by the unions

Take over!

dangerous plot
to control
all wealth

                                                dangerous ploy
                                                to win reelection

                        screams forcing
                        to extremes
                        the curtain tearing
                        the fabric unraveling
it will all end
                        like it always ends

This poem is submitted to the Saturday Poetics prompt at dVerse Poets. Today’s prompt is to poetically write a conversation with at least two sources talking. Or perhaps not talking, as int his case. To see more poems, please visit dVerse Poets.


Brian Miller said...

the divide is greater than your margins...nice capture of this pivotal moment in our nation...

Claudia said...

wow glynn.. great example for an true...sometimes it's words and no conversation..criminals in suits...

Anonymous said...

you make it very clear in your poem, that there are many people saying the very same things about one another, only two perspectives. it's like standing in a crossfire.

there needs to be more middle ground to make a circle instead of a line. Holy Ground.

to have a conversation, there needs to be more than two similar yet opposite perspectives.

Louise Gallagher said...

Or perhaps, talking over eachother so neither hears.

well done Glynn.

Anonymous said...

great way to show the contrast in political vies. i loved the end, the middle of the roaders, and I really didn't expect that. veyr cool.

Laurie Kolp said...

A great example of the sad state of our country. I like how you arranged the piece left, right, and then middle... very cool.

Mary said...

Not sure what to say in response. Don't quite understand the movement. Well expressed words, nonetheless.

diana said...

This prompt was intriguing - and you chose a fascinating way to go with it. Nicely done.

Mama Zen said...

Absolutely excellent. I particularly love the title.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - a conversation with no middle ground

kaykuala said...

Occupy Wall St is the war cry. The long suffering 99% folks had suffered enough. You cleverly brought it out in the open from all quarters! Great!


HyperCRYPTICal said...

Clever write and well observed illustration of the divide between the have and have-nots.

And nobody listens to the other....

Anna :o]

tinkwelborn said...

not talking, indeed.
accusations recriminations
charges counter charges
attacks counterattacks
inculpations exonerations

good piece here….I like the structure, and the novel approach argumentation w/o conversation.

bottom-line: will it turn out badly? wow…that's wide open.


Anonymous said...

nice take on the prompt

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

This is very cool. "the curtain tearing the fabric unraveling" it is finished.