Sunday, October 25, 2015

I, Crispus

After Acts 18

A person of note in Corinth,
I, Crispus, synagogue ruler,
respected, heeded, sought for advice
and counsel, a benefactor welcomed
in the homes of Jews and Gentiles,
my wife acknowledged among the women,
and I have today thrown all of it away
because of the Tarsian, what he said,
what his words burned
into my heart there in the place
I ruled, the synagogue. The others
dismissed him, disparaged him,
laughed at him, ridiculed him,
gnashed their teeth at him and
tore their clothes, mocking outrage.

I did not.
I could not.
I followed him
to the house
next door,
sitting with
Greeks, me and
my household,

I am lost.
I am found.

Photograph: The ruin of a Roman fountain in Corinth.

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Martha Jane Orlando said...

A resounding "amen," Glynn! Perfectly done!