Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday Good Reads

Tim Challies finds words from some 1,800 years ago that seem just as real today. Mick Silva finds ways to outsmart distraction when you’re writing. Every day matters to Scott Todnem. The world’s current version of the “Monuments Men” – saving priceless relics from barbarians. John Blase poetically sends a son off to school, while Maureen Doallas tells us about storytelling.

And at a school in Buckinghamshire in the U.K., they surely do know how to serve schoolchildren their lunches.


The Heart of a Stranger – Ryan Dueck at Rumblings.

Be Kind to Your Little Children – Clement of Alexandria via Tim Challies.

Sunday Review: Cassian Folsom – Kate Murphy for The New York Times.

Just a cup of water – Winn Collier.


Planting for the Future – Cynthia Ruchti at Novel Rocket.

Three Ways to Redeem Time – Terry Whalin at The Writing Life.

Outsmarting Distraction – Mick Silva.


Cabbage Whites – Tim Good at Photography by Tiwago.

Pennsylvania Avenue, Tower Grove East – Chris Naffziger at St. Louis Patina.


Love, herself, lay dying: A Sonnet – Kerry O’Connor at Skylover.

Lilting light – Troy Cady at T(r)oy Marbles.

Martha Serpas – D.S. Martin at Kingdom Poets.

Storytelling – Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.

The Mark of Adam – John Blase at The Beautiful Due.

Poetry and Religion - Richard Rohr (Hat tip: J of India).

Life and Culture

Every Day Matters – Scott Todnem at Life is the Future.

The Stranger and the Ring – Tim Butcher at BBC Magazine (Hat tip: J of India).

The Pot Hole – Lancelot Schaubert.

Unnecessary Goodness – Corey Poff at Torrey Gazette.

Why Whole Foods is Wrong to Eliminate Prisoner-Crafted Food - David Rupert at Red-Letter Believers.

History and Literature

The men saving Syria’s treasures from Isis – Jeremy Bowen at New Statesman.

Lunchtime at a school in Buckinghamshire (Hat tip: Gail Kerber)

Top photograph by Peter Griffin via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.

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