Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rain, St. James Park

This rain, cold, already
has drenched my American
walking shoes and socks,
each step a frigid squish
to the tune of Yankee Doodle,
like stepping through snow
covering amber waves of grain.

Summer’s last day, already
embracing fall, ivy leaves
barely beginning to redden
against a gray-white but no blue
sky, a few yellows dotting
the trees, a slight turn
to impressionism.

The park’s perimeter, already
surrounded by commuters in cars
and on bicycles, a rainy mayhem
of horns and watery whooshes
splashing unwary walkers and
joggers in the dawn’s early light,
the back of my English sweatshirt
already soaked by a combination
of steady rain and small umbrella.

I’m smiling.

Photograph: St. James Park, London, taken Sept. 22, 2015. The London Eye is barely visible above the trees in the left center of the photograph.


Jody Lee Collins said...

Oh, Glynn....this was wonderful. I've never been to Europe but felt like I visited via your words--especially these,
"a rainy mayhem
of horns and watery whooshes."

Sounds like Seattle--you should come visit us sometime. You'd feel right at home.

Jerry said...

Wonderful. Must have been hard to leave.