Sunday, October 18, 2015

Like stones

After Acts 17: 16-34

Each day we sit and listen
like stones, one speaker
after another, and then,
like stones, we discuss,
we dispute, we argue because
it is what is expected of learned
men, if not stones. This is what
we do, listen to the wise and
foolish, babblers and orators,
all are equal here, the equality
of ignorance, like stones.

This one before us seems
no different; he begins
auspiciously, talking about us,
but I see the glaze of boredom
covering the eyes around me;
another babbler or borderline
lunatic with some new idea,
some new religion, this one
from Palestine from which
we all know no good thing
comes. I see yawns.

But he continues; I listen.
Slowly I hear the clarity
of his words, crystal shards
piercing even while sneers
and yawns remain around me,
but I no longer care; the opinions
of my learned friends, the regard
of my fellow philosophers, have
become like stones.

His words end; he is dismissed
with derision and laughter,
laughter which stops when
I step down and follow him.

I don’t look back.

Illustration: St. Paul in the Areogapus, drawing by Mariano Fortuny (1855-56); National Museum of Art of Catalonia.


Martha Jane Orlando said...

Amazing as always, Glynn! Blessings!

nancy marie davis said...

I like this one.

diana said...

Well done - thank you!

Jody Lee Collins said...

words piercing like shards.... powerful, Mr. Glynn. wow.