Monday, July 26, 2010

Ego or Ego Sum?

He used terrible grammar,
didn’t he, when he
said ”Before Abraham was, I AM.”
Didn’t he?
They picked up rocks to stone
him but he walked away,
Latin: “Ego sum.”
Or just sum because the
ego is understood.

Did Freud know that
when he named it with
Super I and Id?
The wizard lives in Id while
the rest of us are kings of Ego,
picking up our own rocks
to hurl, billions of atomized
egos, a deafening
cacophony of
preoccupation with self.

Ego has no purpose or
plan without I AM, and ego
knows that, of course,
as it knows it must
decrease and let
I AM increase.
Descartes had it wrong;
it should have been
he is therefore I am.

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Photograph: The signs were sent by Nancy Rosback. Used with permission.


katdish said...

"He is therefore I am"

Dang, Glynn! Love that.

I'm warming up to this poetry thing!

S. Etole said...

Yes to what Katdish said!!!

Jeanne Damoff said...

Brilliant! Seriously.

M.L. Gallagher said...

Yup. Seriously brilliant.

Anonymous said...

a deafening
cacophony of
preoccupation with self.

i like the whole thing, and what it is saying.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Another great one, Glynn.

Robin Arnold said...

As usual, you filled my head with twists and turns I'll need to think about. Thank you.

Michael said...

Glynn, this is an amazing post. I love the ending.

Anonymous said...

My favorite line: Ego has no purpose or plan without I AM

Scott Couchenour said...

"Ego has no purpose or
plan without I AM" - how true.

This is an incredible post. Thanks for taking the time to write it Glynn. don't let my comment go to your head! :)

A Simple Country Girl said...

Oh, this makes my head hurt, but the like the others, the last line brings it home.

Psst...I would buy a t-shirt if you put that line on it. Or maybe I will just get a marker and write it out myself. ;-)


Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

Oooo, I loved, loved this!:

"Ego has no purpose or
plan without I AM, and ego
knows that, of course,
as it knows it must
decrease and let
I AM increase."
(Yep. On the same page!)

Linda said...

This one pierces. How is it we struggle so with this self? I try desperately to lay it down and up it pops again - demanding attention.
It is a difficult lesson, this dying to self. To truly know "ego had no purpose without I Am" - that is the key.
I'm printing this one out Glynn. Thank you.

Duane Scott said...

Your poetry is always so thought provoking.

JC Dude said...

That is totally awesome...poetic truth...I loved it!

H. Gillham said...

It's the title that got me.

Loved it.

Thanks for sharing.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. Excellent good, especially that last part!

Anonymous said...

wow. this is really, really good stuff Glynn.

Monica Sharman said...

Those last three That's going to stick with me for sure.

Kelly Langner Sauer said...

wonderful, wonderful poem, Glynn. I wish I could somehow keep it...

A Peculiar Person said...

I would like to invite you to visit my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on my recent posts.

God Bless!

Sandra Heska King said...

He is. Therefore, I am.

I stand in awe.