Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Good Reads

There is so much good stuff being written, photograhed and painted that I may have to start doing a regular daily feature. And the list below just scratches the surface from only the last week.


Donut Wars” by Gordon McCleary at a Yankee’s Southern Exposure.

Driving to Words” by L.L. Barkat at Seedlings in Stone.

I Can’t Believe My Baby Will Be 40” by H. Gillham at The Other Side of the Mountain.

I Pledge Allegiance” by Anne Lang Bundy at Building His Body.

Dear Sis” and "God Walks in Dark Places" by Duane Scott.

Religion and Culture” by Damaris Zehner at Internet Monk.

In Liberty’s Gaze,” “A Gift for My Father” and "All My Creations" by Louise Gallagher at Recover Your Joy.

Seeing No One” by Joel Workman at Soul Grit.

Savior Set Me Free” by Kelly Sauer at A Restless Heart.

Fecundity” by David Griffith at The Image Journal.

Lives” by Heather at the Extraordinary Ordinary.

Just a Story of Love” by Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.

Commonplace Covenant” by Dyana Herron at The Image Journal.

Heroes” by Billy Coffey.

Irrational Fears” by Terry Ward.

"Katdishionary - Part 9" by Kathy Richards.

Am I a Pharisee?” by David Rupert at Red-Letter Believers.


Sometimes,” "Broke" and "Early Morning Drama" by John Blase at Dirty Shame.

Computer” by Mike Bullock at Versical Rhymes.

Always Options” and “You Are Here” by Rob Kistner at Image & Verse.

Consequence” by Bradley Moore at And the Other Thing Is.

Last Fall’s Leaves” and "Stone Bench" by Monica Sharman at Know-Love-Obey God.

Swept Away” by Melissa at All the Words.

Even in the Voice of Bitter” by Karen Eck at Karenee Art.

The Price We Pay for Beauty” by Hadassah Fey at Umbra Vita

Behind the Cross” by Erin Kilmer at TFG Poetry.

Overpass” by Lorenzo (Larry Fish) at Crowned with Laurels.

Sunken Dreams” by Pete Marshall.

Impatiens” by Linda at Patchwork Quilt.

On a Hill” by Deidra at Jumping Tandem.

Unseen” by Justinian at Delight and Glory and Oddity and Light.

Language Universal?” by Eric Swalberg at Journey of Words.

Paintings and Photographs

Tanner Park, Copiague” and “Heatwave” by Steve Gravano at Take a Look Around.

B/W” by Nancy Rosback at Poems and Prayers.

I Heart America,” watercolor by Randy Elrod.

Cliff Face Study,” oil on panel by Randall David Tipton.

Photograph: Lamp by Nancy Rosback. Used with permission.


L.L. Barkat said...

these lists just keep getting delightfully longer :) Thanks for including me!

Maureen said...

I wish a week lasted 14 days so I could get through all these but then your list would probably triple in length. The more that's discovered, the more difficult it becomes to try to read it all, not to mention leave behind an "I see you" comment.

Wonderful highlights. Thank you for including me.

Anonymous said...

i totally need to do this too!!!!
and share some of the good stuff.

i always feel so good when i make your list. i'm such a kid that way.

and i like when you share some of the other stuff i have seen and also liked.

and... i like the wonderful new things that i missed.

oh no...
i'm babbling

better cut it off

Anonymous said...


S. Etole said...

Lots of good things to read today ... thank you, Glynn.

Kelly Langner Sauer said...

Glynn, you're awesome! Thanks for putting these out - they are the best of the best! I love it!

Anne Lang Bundy said...

Glynn ~

I wish I possessed such self-assurance that I never worried about how my words are received. The "Pledge of Allegiance" post was one I felt great uncertainty about.

Your affirmation means a great deal to me. I'm deeply grateful.

As for all those other posts ... like Maureen, I wish I could see them all. I've peeked in on a few, and found them well worth the effort. Thank you for sharing with all of us. May God return the encouragement to you.

Deidra said...

So much good stuff out there! I made my way few quite a bit while sitting under the dryer covering up the gray in my stylist's chair. While reading there - and covering up - the words and photos uncovered God's voice for me.

Thanks for including me here. :)

H. Gillham said...


Finding the blog "Faith, Fiction, Friends" has changed my Internet reading life. I come to it first in the morning :). From here, I have ventured to others and added them to my blog list.

Thanks for the shout out -- I have to admit that I blushed, gulped, and then grinned to see my name on the list. So much pressure!!!!

You are too kind to say that it is worth reading, Glynn.


Anonymous said...


Duane Scott said...

Just went through the list. Very good stuff!

And thanks again!

M.L. Gallagher said...

hello Glynn -- I go away for the weekend and discover my self on your list amongst such stellar writings and I am humbled.

Thanks my friend -- for continually supporting those of us who find our voice here in this cyber space and for being such a powerful voice amongst us.