Sunday, January 30, 2011

Or is it moondust?

Walking the hard packed earth
(or is it moon dust?) in dying
sunlight, a cruising Crusoe
shipwrecked, seeking food
or any other hopeful thing,
a trail of footprints
(or breadcrumbs?) behind
for the wind to taste and
consume, an eroding
journey of a circular
gastronomy of air.

Seeking a way, the way
or even a Friday (willing
to settle for a Thursday and
a Saturday is too much
to hope), finding footprints,
totems of human breadcrumbs,
now pressing, emerging whole,
breaking through, an eruption
from the underside, a mirrored path
of walking the hard packed earth,
or is it moon dust?

This poem is submitted for the One Shot Sunday photo challenge sponsored by One Stop Poetry. To see other poems and the interview with iPhoneographer Iquanyin Moon, please visit the site.

Photograph: Footprints by Iquanyin Moon for One Stop Poetry. Used with permission.


dustus said...

Wow, to suggest that the image could depict a moonwalk completely catches me off guard. You always have such imaginative responses to the challenges, Glynn. You had me imagining Robinson Crusoe playing the part of Neil Armstrong!

Anonymous said...

Nice write! My first thought upon seeing the photo was of another planet...I thought Mars first (color) and then the Moon (footsteps). Nice to see how you captured that association in this poem. I like the juxtaposition between "hard packed earth" and "moon dust"

Claudia said...

..or is it moondust...? it may be - and i have some in my eyes now...nice write glynn!

Brian Miller said...

ha. great word play...cruising crusoe...setlling for a thursday or saturday...very nice write.

Jerry said...

nice insertion of Crusoe... I still am amazed at you techical smoothness to your writing. I vote for mooondust

Anonymous said...

beautifully composed
it leaves me dancing
on the moon


what word could be more lovely

Anonymous said...

Could well be a moonwalk, loved the settling for Thursday or Saturday lol done that it doesn't work :D great take on the prompt Glynn, as always very original.

Maureen said...

"a circular/gastronomy of air": quite an unusual image.

M.L. Gallagher said...

I was about to write about 'a circular/gastronomy of air' -- and there was Maureen!

Very clever write.

info said...

The image captured perfectly in words that surprise.

S. Etole said...

"totems of human breadcrumbs" ... you give us some unusual imagery

Reflections said...

Interesting imagery, though I like best these last words... 'an eruption from the underside, a mirrored pathu
of walking the hard packed earth,
or is it moon dust?