Saturday, July 18, 2009

Night, Near a Garden

Waiting, for night. For
A glance behind,
A whisper.
We are one, teacher.

He, pierced.
Water and wind.
Water and wind.

No. It cannot be
Water and wind.

Water and wind.
It is written, not
In words, yet. But
In grace.

Water and wind.
You will speak to justice,
You will set the stone in place.

Water and wind.


L.L. Barkat said...

How'd I miss this one along the way? I love it. I love the repetition of "water and wind." Partly because it echoes the sense of movement associated with water and wind. Partly because I just love the sound of the phrase. And of course the way it suggests a poring over in one's mind... Nicodemus is turning this one again and again.

What a first!

Anonymous said...

not in words
but in grace

ahhh i love that.