Monday, August 24, 2009

Testimony (in the closet)

Once worn once,
Cocooned within
Transparent film.
White, ivory
Lace covering ivory
Neckline ruffled,
Flared sleeves,
Time long past.

In its corner,
On its arch of black wire,
It sleeps
A vigilant rest.
Young softness
Given freely,
Threaded to
Young hardness
Offered openly.
Lace layered on satin,
Becoming one.

His spot-stained hand
Touches clean lace.
The fires still burn, if lower,
Still burn into oneness.
Fingers trace lace,
Graze satin.
Oneness, still.


L.L. Barkat said...

Did you even know this was in you? The poetry thing?

This poem...

leaves me but a little speechless.

Kelly Sauer said...

This is even more beautiful coming from you - a husband's cherished love...

Marcus Goodyear said...

Very cool. The world needs more men writing love poems.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

So tenderly perfect.

Maureen said...

I remember, after finding your site for the first time, going back through your posts and coming upon this tender poem. It's one of my favorites of yours.

hedgewitch said...

I'm picturing, perhaps wrongly, a wedding dress out of a girl child's dream, and not just the dress, but the dream itself. Fine poem, no one would ever think it was novice work because however early on it was written, there is nothing out of tempo, tentative or clumsy here.

Kodjo Deynoo said...

Loved finding the blog, very enlighten

Marshy said...

glynn...i loved this when i spotlighted you the first time and i still love it today...a great share..cheers pete

Steven Marty Grant said...

Glynn this is just perfect. I think it is amazing writing.

Jerry said...

Memorial Oneness tucked safely in the closet. Most excellent. You laced it up perfectly. Glynn...that is good.

Brian Miller said...

i got the wedding dress pic as well...the dirty hands of the man makes quite the image as well...beautiful write