Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shadow and Light

Fight for shadow
while the light beckons,
intruding, invading,
inviting, enticing,
filling eyes; eyes
blinking, turning

Turn to shadow,
seeking familiar,
solace, comfort in the
dark, the silence,
pretending the noise is
somewhere else;
the light laughs.

Turn from shadow,
glance, glare at the light,
lean to the light but
divert the gaze to
the darkness receding,
retreating, dissipating.
Surrender into the light.


Anonymous said...

i have done that,
i have not seen the darkness for what it really was, because it was the fimiliar, the way i had always done, and the way in which i had always looked.

i did not recognize that it was darkness.

Red Letter Believers said...

Turn from the shadow. I love that!

Maureen said...

I think the space for becoming often is in the shadow. It takes light to create shadow. We can stand in such a way we can't see the shadow at all, or turn in such a way that the light shines and exposes the shadow we need to see and deal with to grow spiritually.

Provocative poem, Glynn.

Kelly Sauer said...

And one day God revealed
the beautiful darkness to me as a swarthy man in blue with
ice blue eyes that drew me
into him
and downward
with hundreds of shadow-people
on a spiral staircase leaving
the light.

I reached for him and froze
as beauty and familiar became
palpable fear and
my heart nearly beat out
my chest.

I tore my gaze away and ran
into the light.


Intense, Glynn. Thanks for your comment at my blog, for your encouragement today. The post was necessary; having it out helps me feel better.