Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday morning, early August

No raindrops this Sunday morning,
early August, only sheets of sunshine
falling into unexpected coolness.
The menarda stripped of pollen, the bees
hover over roses, and that unknown purple
flower by the kitchen window, even
salvia for a brief moment, then swarm
away to find a better restaurant or
a more accommodating waiter, committed
to an unwavering faithlessness.

Photograph by Andrew Schmidt via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


HisFireFly said...

the unexpected coolness is here as well, not the dog days of summer


may your bees continue to find what they seek

and us as well

Anonymous said...

quick and
frequent stops
to each
and every shop
the bee delights
in every light
through the crop


Martha Jane Orlando said...

The sunshine, the unexpected coolness in the usual summer doldrums, and the wandering bees . . .
Exceptional imagery!
Loved every word, Glynn!