Monday, December 9, 2013

Poetry at Work – First Review at Amazon

I review a lot of books each year. I know the effort that’s required to review a book. Reading the book is often the easiest part.

How do you describe it? How do you explain what you like (or don’t) about it? Where do you find references to the author about other works or background? And don’t forget to keep notes – quotes you might want to cite, examples, descriptions, the aspects of the work that particularly struck you.

Book reviews are work. If you do them regularly, you can create an organized process. But they’re still work. And for those of us who write them, we generally have the same reason for sticking at it: we love books.

So when I see a review of one of my own books, I know what went into it.

The first review of Poetry at Work was posted on Amazon yesterday. The review’s title: “Young's heart of a poet is poured out extravagantly on every page.” You can read the review here. 

Thank you, Elizabeth Marshall.


Elizabeth said...

I should have written a disclaimer saying I am not a book reviewer, only a "reader" and "writer" and "poet". Art. Not science. In this case no copious notes. Simply digesting the book, letting my heart take notes, not my hands, and while the excitement of the read lingered, writing from the soul-places. This book is a joy, a gift, and simply poetry. I do hope my words do it justice, as I am a newbie as book reviewing.

Elizabeth W. Marshall

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Congrats Glynn on the new book. I hope it does well for you.

L.L. Barkat said...

Shoot, that is one good looking book ;-)

Love the review!

Anonymous said...

ups put a copy in my hands about an hour ago...