Friday, January 8, 2016

Mary Harwell Sayler’s “Christian Writer’s Guide”

A great multitude of writer’s guides can be found for sale – guides for writing, guides for publishing, guides for writing fiction and non-fiction, guides for the memoir, guides for writing poetry, guides for writing novels in specific genres, and more. What I like about Mary Harwell Sayler’s Christian Writer’s Guide is its simplicity, its comprehensiveness, and its conciseness.

And while it is aimed specifically at Christian writers, the author’s experience with and knowledge of the writing business can be applied by any writer.

Mary Harwell Sayler
The topics covered include finding the genre you’re best suited for; listening for your voice; doing research; editing and revision; preparing to be published; the freelance business; query letters; preparing manuscripts; how to propose a book; keeping track of your submissions; establishing an internet presence; and even how to formulate your writer’s bio. She also includes a raft of helpful writing terms to help navigate the writing and publishing business.

This is a guide written by an experienced professional. It’s straightforward and to the point; Sayler doesn’t waste words.

She’s the author of several books, including Living in the Nature Poem and Outside Eden: Poems; Christian Poet’s Guide to Writing Poetry; First Days of Parenting; First Days of Retirement; among several others. She blogs at In a Christian Writer’s Life and Poetry Editor and Poetry. And she does something that very few writers do: she gives back encouragement and help to other writers.

Christian Writer’s Guide is a compact collection of what a writer needs to know and do in pursuing a successful career.

Top photograph: The cellarium of Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire by George Hodan via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Martha Jane Orlando said...

Mary is such an encouraging person on Christian Poets and Writers on Facebook, and an awesome poet, too. You've given me another book I want in my library. Thanks, Glynn!

Mary Sayler said...

Oh, Glynn, what a lovely surprise! Thank you for this honor.

enthusiastically, dawn said...

So funny - I was just asking in Mary's group on FB ...and was unaware beyond leading the CHristian Poets and Writers Blog and FB page of her many books and
what a wealth of knowledge also she is! Thanks for this...and thanks to Mary, who is always supportive of other writer's in many ways...MANY! ;)

Mary Sayler said...

Thank you, Dawn and Martha! I greatly appreciate you both.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this review, will be ordering this guide shortly. Mary has been a great source of encouragement to me as I embark on my writing ministry & many others on the Facebook Christian Poets & Writers' page - more favour & abundant blessings from God are coming her way - surprise her LORD!!

Beckie Lindsey said...

I just ordered this book and look forward to reading. Mary has been a great, resource and encourager to me and many other writers on Christian Poets & Writers FB page and blog.

Mary Sayler said...

Just saw your encouraging words from earlier this year, Beckie and Deborah. What a blessing!