Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Good Reads

In September of 1843, Charles Dickens started writing A Christmas Carol. John Sutherland at the British Library has an article about how the story came to be, what inspired Dickens, and
how it was published.

One of the most personally painful stories I’ve read is one in the current issue of Mother Jones (I don’t usually read Mother Jones but I read this article). It’s about life in southwest Louisiana – and how the social fabric I was able to take for granted when I was growing up in nearby New Orleans is disappearing.

Equally painful is the story on race relations in the National Review by J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy which I reviewed a few weeks ago. Our country is facing far more serious issues that what are being talked about by any of the presidential candidates. And speaking of the election, Ron Fournier at The Atlantic has a story about the death of political journalism. From what I see in the newspaper every day, he’s right – and what’s called journalism today bears virtually no resemblance to what I learned in college.

Good poetry, a photo that looks like a painting (Tim Good), the longest book in the Bible (I guessed wrong), a celebration of shyness, and how three men you never heard of helped end World War II.

Art and Photography

Cloud Ripples – Tim Good at Pixels.

On Honest Art – Dr. Steven Garber at The Washington Institute.


The origins of A Christmas Carol – John Sutherland at the British Library.

Life and Culture

Why Race Relations Got Worse – J.D. Vance at National Review.

Can Capitalist Pigs Be Pious Christians? – J.K. Wall at Gentle Reformation.

A Farewell Guide to Political Journalism – Ron Fournier at The Atlantic.

Are You Concerned About Our Culture? Renew Your Character - Dr. Art Lindsley at Faith, Work, & Economics.


Find that stillness – Diane Walker at Contemplative Photography.

Words – Loren Paulsson at World Narratives.

When I Say – Megan Willome.

British Stuff

A plaque for Francis Barber at Dr. Johnson's house in London – Robert Demaria at The Times Literary Supplement.

Why we should celebrate shyness – David Robson at BBC (Hat Top: J of India).


What’s the Longest Book in the Bible? – Justin Taylor at The Gospel Coalition.

Animation: How Three Men You Probably Never Heard of Helped End WWII

Painting: Woman Reading, oil on canvas by Pieter Hanssens Elinga (1623-1682).

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