Wednesday, January 24, 2018

"A Modern Day Psalm" by Jeff Todd

The subtitle of A Modern Day Psalm by Jeff Todd tells you what to expect: “an inspired poetry and song collection.” Most of the 77 written works included in the collection are song lyrics. In fact, they are a very specific type of song lyric, and that is worship songs.

The psalms of the Old Testament are written in poetic form, but they were meant to be sung. They are songs of rejoicing, of lament, of faith, of pain – all very human expressions but sung to God in praise to him.

Todd’s songs include lyrics expressing love for God, words of warning about darkness and destruction coming, backsliding, weariness of soul, experiencing God’s presence, pain in the world, missions and evangelism, and a considerable number of additional topics.

About 10 of the works included in the collection are poems. Here is one example, entitled "Mr Jones:"

Mr Jones left this world way too soon
You should have heard the music play
He was all dressed up in his Sunday suit
When they took him away

I remember sitting on his porch
And the stories he would tell me
He spoke of this place he called Heaven
And how mice it would be

Mr Jones never met a stranger
And he always stopped to tell
The stories about salvation
And of Heaven and Hell

He talked to me about his love
That he died on a cross
He took the burdens of all man’s sins
And will save the ones who’s lost

The years passed since I was young
And Mr Jones grew older, too
Because of him I know the man
The friend that he knew

Jeff Todd
Todd is best known for his humorous “Redneck Guides” to a wide array of topics – the parables, being a dad, the epistles, the miracles of the Bible, the Book of Acts. Marriage, and several other topics. He’s also written a layman’s commentary on the New Testament and several devotionals. He lives in Georgia.

A Modern Psalm is a simple collection of songs and poems, written from the heart


Top photograph by Alex Wigan via Unsplash. Used with permission.


Michele Morin said...

I love the notion of a guy who writes Redneck guides and can also spin a poem.

Glynn said...

It is kind of neat. And it flies in the face of what we think of when we hear "redenck" (says someone who was born half redneck and half Cajun).

Susan Sarandon said...

Dude speaks the word. He has wisdom and shares it freely. I got a copy of the one where he talks about marriage. Very interesting. A good read. Nice and simple. Just the way I like it.