Saturday, October 24, 2009

James David Jordan's "Double Cross"

James David Jordan’s new suspense novel Double Cross (B&H Publishing Group, $14.99) is one part Terminator, one part Dirty Harry, one part Wonder Woman and all parts page-turning.

A sequel to the novel Forsaken, Double Cross continues the adventures of Taylor Pasbury, who runs her own private security firm. With the first few pages, Taylor’s mother shows up after an absence of more than 20 years , a friend believed to be embezzling from a televangelism ministry seemingly commits suicide, and Taylor has a policeman flattened on the floor. And it never slows down.

Jordan has created a strong female figure in his lead character. She takes enormous physical risks; she’s not afraid to use a gun; and taking on two thugs at the same time is no big deal. But she’s also human, almost tragically so, with real human flaws and problems; she’s a recovering alcoholic and makes poor choices with men. Really poor choices.

The novel falls into the “crossover” category, with an easy appeal to non-Christian readers. The “message” is there but it’s muted. And Taylor herself is not a Christian, although she does tend to pray when she’s in one of her many tight fixes.

Double Cross reads fast – so many things continue to happen that you’re often left breathless. It’s also one of those suspense novels that are hard to put down, because you have to keep reading to see what happens next.

(Note to Federal Trade Commission: Even though some groups are already raising constitutional issues with your new rules for bloggers, and you yourself are already backpedaling on what the new rules mean and don't mean, in the spirit of openness, I would like to say that I received this book from the publisher specifically to review it.) (However, I will not sell my soul for a $14.99 book. Just so you know, FTC.)


michael snyder said...

I really dig your FTC disclaimer!


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