Friday, February 12, 2010

What Can "Edginess" Say to the Church?

A number of Christian authors, bloggers and writers are taking on some of the sacred cows of evangelical Christianity -- and usually managing to stimulate, provoke and, sometimes, infuriate. Over at The Christian Manifesto today, I have a new post about it.


David Rupert said...

G....Great article. I read two of those bloggers every day. And you are right, there is a certain edge to them that often rankles me.

However, Driscoll as a preacher doesnt bother me as much, becuase his frankness is about my own sin and the slow charade of phoniness we have.

great article. I havent read the manifesto before this, but i will now since they featured you!

jim schmotzer said...

well done glynn, blessing as you keep setting the pace for the rest of us.

Monica Sharman said...

You are always good at making me aware of so much I was unaware of. Your statement about what hits closest to home is like a statement my husband made, that when people are offended or get defensive, it's because truth was spoken. It's a good check for me. When I get offended or defensive or infuriated, I take it like the idiot light that blinks on the car dashboard and check myself: what truth is being told about me that I need to listen to?