Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not a rehab

We bought this old place
at the corner of Eliot
and Wordsworth; solid
structure, great light,
furnishings worth saving
but we gutted the building
right down to studs
and concrete.
Now we get to work.

This poem is a salute to the start of dVerse Poets Pub, cleaning up the place this weekend for the official launch on Tuesday. Visit dVerse Poets here, and check the poems submitted here.


Brian Miller said...

the renovations have to start on the inside, you know...and sometimes a gutting is what is needed to get where we are going...great to see you today @dverse glynn...thank you

Unknown said...

Glad I'm not on the cleaning crew! lol You've penned a wonderful little tribute here! I know Brian and Claudia have been busting knuckles...and what a job they've done! Here's to d'VersePoets!

Beachanny said...

Glad you came by for a glass and gab today Glynn. I think we have a new building, a new atmosphere, and we're singing, writing, and making music here. That's Claudia on the sax, and Luke on drums. You'll find other instruments around. There's my upright in the corner if you'd like to noodle! Glad to see you. Come any time.

Claudia said...

yep - now we get to work...see..i'm still wearing the blue overall...smiles
thanks glynn for showing up at dVerse and thanks for the salute

Anonymous said...

Love the last line. Brings it all together but leaves the future open.

hedgewitch said...

You definitely got the spirit of the renovated, renewed and rebirthed in this one, Glynn. Liked the cut to the chase--sometimes not all that's worth saving is good to hang on to.

Anonymous said...

I like "the corner of Eliot
and Wordsworth". Nice lines penned here, recognizing the beginning and the work to be done.

Pat Hatt said...

Nicely worded and yeah sometimes the guts have to be torn out, to make space for something new, and preferably improved.

Anonymous said...

Greater beauty can come of beauty, often with growing pains. Truly enjoyed.

Louise Gallagher said...

Great salute to what promises to be a great space!