Sunday, June 8, 2014

The white stone

My name is written
on the white stone,
the name I do not know,
the name I have not been told,
but only that I will know
the white stone with the name,
the name sung by the angels,
the name on the white stone
rolled away from the cave.

Photograph by George Hodan via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Anonymous said...

my name has never
sounded right
to my ear
felt right
on my tongue
this name
my body wears
my heart
does not

Martha Jane Orlando said...

I am named "Martha,"
And, I live up to it.
Serving without ceasing,
Doing without thinking.
Assuming deeds will save
My soul which only wants
To be like Mary. Is that
My white stone's name?
Still and rapt, kneeling
Before the Lord, my God?
I'd like to think so.
I pray to know so.