Friday, June 13, 2014

Talking with Thomas Merton

I was talking with Thomas Merton,
well, actually, I was talking and he
was listening, that period of silence
each day those Trappists do,
you know. Silence forces you
to listen. So we talked, or rather
I talked, he never said a word
but he spoke
of everything,
like a child,
he was a child, you know,

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Photo of Thomas Merton via the Thomas Merton Society of Canada.

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kchripczuk said...

Lovely, Glenn. I just went to a Thomas Merton Retreat Day last week - I've read very little of his work (hope to fix that) but was blessed by the opportunity to be with two men I deeply admire who helped me gain a new appreciation for Merton. Did you see my Merton poem this week? My friends said he would be 100 this year.