Sunday, December 7, 2014

Desert time

Not 40 years of purification
not 40 days of temptation
not honey and locusts
not days of birth pangs
   or groaning too terrible
   to endure

but a desert time
heat in the day
cold in the night
   but dry
   always dry

an ocean of sand
   without shade
   or respite

wandering in desert time

Photograph by Lila Frerichs via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission. 


Anonymous said...

Any who have been in the desert of their lives will resonate with this. I really liked it. I was there, and getting pretty thirsty.

Lori Heyd said...

As someone who loves in the desert and also been in those desert places, this resonates. God is in the midst os our wanderings!

Lori Heyd said...

I meant lives in the desert, though I have come to love parts of it too!

Monica Kaye said...

Beautiful. I always find a little flower blooming or the most beautiful bird or a craggy hiding spot of shade in desert hikes, and my heart remembers He is always there giving Grace. He is ready with common Grace and saving Grace no matter how desolate the terrain of my life or heart.