Friday, July 13, 2018

The donkey

After Mark 11:1-14

Not a stallion or other
variation on a horse
not a chariot or even
a cart, not anything
they expected but:
a donkey,
and not only a donkey
but a donkey
previously unridden,
never before ridden
never before worked
or used

and that is the point

The donkey to be used first
to carry the king, the messiah,
the one foretold, the one anticipated,
the one desired and yearned for

riding a donkey
confounding expectations
contradicting expectations
a king riding a donkey
the animal used for hard work
the animal whose strength
is used to serve.

Photo by Laura Gariglio via Unsplash, Used with permission.


Pamela M. Steiner said...

God loves to do the unexpected to get our attention. Sometimes He chooses the lowly and humble things of this earth to confound the wise. I love how God continues to work in His mysterious ways to show us His power and magnificent plan. Even in our current government scene. It all comes down to having faith to see God's plan in the midst of chaos and frustration...and realizing that God is always, always in control. This was outstanding...and made me think. I like that. Have a blessed and glorious day.

Glynn said...

Thanks, Pamela!