Wednesday, June 12, 2019

“Adrift” by Jaycee Weaver

Erin is in her mid-30s, the mother of two teenaged children, and mourning the death of her husband, Jonah. Life wasn’t supposed to turn out this way, with moments and sometimes days of overwhelming grief punctuated by the reality of providing for a family and running a fly-fishing shop. By herself.

Erin and Jonah had invested in the shop as a way for Jonah to leave his father’s company. He had been increasingly suffocated in his corporate job, and the fly fishing shop was a means to break free. After his death, it’s all Erin can do to hold on.

That is, until a customer walks into the shop one day, and he’s looking for outdoors clothes for an upcoming retreat scheduled by his boss. His name is Lucas, and Erin is immediately convinced he must have been a male model, with dimples that imply “heartbreaker.” 

In spite of herself, she’s attracted, in a big way. So is Lucas. They find they have a lot of things in common, including attending the same church, though they’ve never met. Erin’s kids like him as well. And she finds herself becoming increasingly involved with a man she’s falling in love with.

Jaycee Weaver
Except Lucas harbors a secret.

Adrift by Jaycee Weaver is the story of Erin and Lucas, and how a second chance at love becomes threatened by what happened during the first love. It’s a novella in length, and it’s an engaging and well-told story.

Weaver has published several Christian fiction romances, including What Could BeWhatever Comes Our WayLove, Laughter, and Luminaries, and What Makes a Home. She lives in New Mexico. 

Adrift is the story of a relationship born, threatened, and ultimately resolved. It’s a “I have to read this in one sitting to see what happens next” kind of story, and its novella length makes that possible.

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