Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Poets and Poems: Chad Abushanab and “The Last Visit”

How does a child grow up when the father of the family is an alcoholic? How does a child respond when an alcoholic father abuses the mother? In such a situation, where does a boy look for a role model, or is the alcoholic father the role model?

Poet Chad Abushanab doesn’t ask these questions directly in his debut poetry collection, The Last Visit. But he might have, since he answers them in the poems he’s written. Many of the poem are written informal, rhyming verse, oddly heightening the sense and meaning of the poems. A formal, rhyming, metered poem about your father’s alcoholism? A poem about your mother’s split lip, and how she’d take you and your brother to buy a cheap toy after a violent episode? Or beating up another boy because you’re trying to prove something to your father?

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