Saturday, July 6, 2019

Saturday Good Reads

Writer and photographer Chris Arnade has been getting considerable attention for his book Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back-Row America. Historian Thomas Kidd tales a look at the book, and takes it a step further by asking what should the church be doing? 

Some 30 years ago, when I was working on a master’s degree, I discovered the early church father Tertullian. He was one of the first and early Christian apologists, and he had no qualms about calling out the Romans for their hypocrisy in how they treated the Christian faith. He had been an attorney, and he used Latin to language and his understanding of Roman law to breathe fire. Casey Chalk at The Imaginative Conservative looks at where the idea of religious freedom and liberty came from, and he finds it in Tertullian.

I laughed when I saw the title, and then I read the article. Nathan Eshelman at Gentle Reformation says that, if you enjoy your freedom, you might want to thank a Presbyterian

I love London, and so do a lot of crime writers. Caz Frear at CrimeReads takes a look at this largest of British cities, and she says that in many crime stories, London is far more than a setting. It’s actually a character in the story.

More Good Reads


What to Do When You’re a Christian But Aren’t Growing Anymore – Alex Sanfilippo at Daily Paradigm Shift.

How Many of the Founding Fathers Went to “Seminary”? – Thomas Kidd at The Gospel Coalition.


A grace of cedars – Kathleen Everett at The Courser of Our Seasons.

Clarity and Obscurity: The Essences of Classical & Modern Poetry – Adam Sedia at The Imaginative Cosnervative.

John Terpstra – D.S. Martin at Kingdom Poets.

Lewisvaldi – Seth Myers at An Unexpected Journal.


Art vs. Morally Therapeutic Barbarism – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative.

American Stuff

Vicksburg or Gettysburg? LeRoy Gresham’s Words – Sarah Kay Bierle at Emerging Civil War.

British Stuff

The Senses in Anglo-Saxon England – Annie Whitehead at Casting Light upon the Shadow .


Your pictures on the theme of ‘Pathways’ – BBC News (Hat Tip: J of India).

Writing and Literature

The Wit, Wisdom, and Noirs of James M. Cain – Dwyer Murphy at CrimeReads.

News Media

The Death of My Hometown Newspaper – Bob Trube at Bob on Books.

Dueling Banjos – Bluegrass Style

Painting: Old Woman Reading, oil on canvas by Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669).

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