Friday, May 28, 2010

God in the Yard

My wife will tell you that I read a lot of books. (She’ll also tell you I spend too much time online, but that’s another story.) Some I get from the bookstore; some I order from Amazon; and some come in from small booksellers, publishing services and various other sources. I’ve even been known to download ebooks, but I’m still not ready for an electronic reader, at least not yet. So for now, the post office loves me.

Yesterday, I got home after a very long day at work, and there in the pile of mail was what was obviously a book package, small and rather slender, a single book. I knew of a couple of orders coming but not for a while yet and there had been no emailed shipping notice. But there a package was. And it turned out that one order had shipped early.

It was God in the Yard: Spiritual Practice for the Rest of Us by L.L. Barkat.

I had ordered the print version (a Kindle version is also available) but didn’t expect it until sometime in June. But there it was.

I’ve made no secret of how much I enjoyed L.L.’s Stone Crossings, or her InsideOut: Poems. I even have a badge widget for InsideOut on the lower right of this blog. So when I saw that God in the Yard was available, I ordered it.

It’s described (by the author) as a “12-week course in discovery and playing towards God.” It’s readings, meditation and thinking, and writing. Laura Boggess over at The Wellspring started it this week (I suspect she has the Kindle version). L.L. has a post about it at her signature blog, Seedlings in Stone. (The cool cover photo is by Kelly Sauer.)

I’m starting God in the Yard this coming week. I’ll let you know how it goes.


L.L. Barkat said...

Funny, I feel so nervous about this. :) Like I want you to keep liking me. And I want you to find things that inspire.

Silly butterflies inside. But here they are. Blue ones, I think...

Red Letter Believers said...

What's Not to love about L.L.'s inspiration? I too will order the book.

And yes Glynn, The Post Office loves you...

Maureen said...

Lovely introduction to L.L.'s new book, which is fostering so many other good things, like that FB page and the round-the-robin circulation to share the book in communities all over.

I still find it exciting to go to the mail and find a book I've ordered. Not so sure the postal carrier enjoys carrying all the packages but that's his issue. Like you, I help keep the P.O. in business.

Unknown said...

(David, that's hilarious.)

Glynn, I love getting mail, too, especially when it's good mail. ;)

moondustwriter said...

gotta be good if it's from L.L

Laura said...

OH! we're journeying together yet again, Glynn! I'm going slow...trying to put some of this into practice. I am so loving the book. As David says, what's not to love about L.L.'s inspiration?

I'll follow along with you on this one. :)