Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Machinist

Eyes focused,
intense, intent,
he works, his coordination
of eye, mind and hand
a delicate thing,
a learned thing,
a known without knowing
thing, a rhythm of the job,
of the work, the task.
He is content, he is satisfied,
even if he knows his name
will be printed
in the newspaper
only once.

This poem is submitted for One Shot Sunday hosted by One Stop Poetry. To read an interview with photographer Rob Hanson and to see other poems submitted, please visit the site.

Photograph: Machinist by Rob Hanson for One Stop Poetry. Used with permission.


dustus said...

Your poem speaks of the artisan's determination, as well as the mix of reconciliation and acceptance that seem part of such a creative spirit. Great poem fitting the prompt, Glynn.

Debra said...

I love “The Bootmaker” and all of Rob’s images… and I enjoyed the photography interview as well.

“The Machinist” depicts one with passion and intent, a man satisfied with his labor of love, regardless of acclaim.

Unknown said...

think your poem reflects the pride and dedication every true craft-man should possess something quiet rare today in modern commercialism it thank you

Anonymous said...

Love the flow and speed with which this poem reads Glynn - the intensity starts from the off - Steve

Brian Miller said...

once is enough, what is fame? it tends to complicate and once achieved drive away that which you love...well penned glynn

Jinksy said...

a known without knowing
thing, a rhythm of the job,
of the work, the task.
He is content, he is satisfied

A lesson in loving what you do!

Claudia said...

beautiful glynn - he does what he does for love of the work not for fame or being recognized by others - and this is true craftsmanship..

Fireblossom said...

Doing fine work for one's own satisfaction...there's reward in that, I think.

Patricia said...

I was so drawn to the strength in his forearm. Your poem captured that strength. A known without knowing... love that.

Louise Gallagher said...

When we were printing, WHERE, I met a print guy like your Machinist. totally immersed in his work, incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. He made a world of difference -- like your guy.

Great poem!

(that last line is a heart-jerker!)

Chris said...

It's not about the fame, and certainly about the money, sometimes it's just the joy of creation. The feel of the rhythm of a job done right. Beautifully expressed.

moondustwriter said...

Nicely written Glynn - reminds me of many machinists I worked with who back then did their job to perfection

Smiles my friend

Corbie said...

I loved the flow to your poem and what a twist at the end. How the last line rings true, if only one person was to recognize his work, how happy he would be! Thank you for sharing.
~Corbie Sinclair

hedgewitch said...

Work is what keeps us sane and at peace, when done with the right mindset, as you make so clear here. Simply but carefully said and full of down to earth sense.

signed...bkm said...

There truly is a satisfaction in work well done...and when loved it becomes an art form all its own..very nice take Glynn....bkm

Helen said...

My dad was a machinist. I can't tell you how moving this poem was for me.

Unknown said...

I liked the "trudge" through this captures, its not the limelight but it is his light. Nice write ~ Rose

S. Etole said...

You know this heart well.

Michael Dodaro said...

Great! Authentic.