Monday, May 7, 2012

The family grows

The weekend was rather intense. On Friday night, my son and daughter-in-law went to the hospital to start her induction for their second child. We knew it was a boy, brother to Cameron.

The doctor decided to induce at what was officially a week before what was the due date. Two weeks back or so, the doctor had determined that the baby was likely to be big. Cameron had been a big baby – 10 pounds, 3 ounces. This one promised to be big, too.

I got to the hospital early Saturday morning. Things were progressing fast. My wife arrived about an hour after I did.  At 10:25 a.m., he was born. Our Cinco de Mayo grandson.

It turns out that he was bigger than his older brother – 10 pounds, 9 ounces. Twenty-one-and-a-half inches long.

Everything went fine. Mom and son are doing fine. Dad is doing fine.

Our family has grown by one.

Welcome, Caden Thomas Young.

You are already well loved.

Photograph: Dad Travis Young introducing the two new brothers, Cameron and Caden. Photograph taken by Grandfather Glynn Young.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Congrats gramps. :)

Martha Jane Orlando said...

What a blessing and what a big boy! :) I know you are all on Cloud 9. Congratulations!

JofIndia said...

Many congratulations, to you all!

Sheila said...

What a delightful intensity! He's beautiful. Congratulations.

Maureen said...

Baby linebackers. Blessings and congratulations to all. They will keep you young!

Chrissy said...

Congratulations! May love envelope you all today as this new life becomes part of the norm!

Anonymous said...

Another Young'un :-)

diana said...

Welcome to the world, Caden. You're blessed in your family, that's for sure.

We had big grandsons, too. Each of our daughter's eldest sons was close to 10 #, one over and one just under. Then they got smaller the further along we went. But all 8, even the girls, were over 8. Big babies are great - you start out with a 1 month old!

Enjoy, enjoy. Nothing quite like it.

Jody Lee Collins said...

Glynn, so very precious. Thank goodness all turned out well. things can be iffy with babies that size.
Congratulations to everyone.

Louise Gallagher said...

what a beautiful blessing.

H. Gillham said...


Always good to add to HIS number.

Congratulations Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! This is great!