Saturday, December 29, 2012

September change

Standing in front
of the Metropolitan, next
to the street, he stares
as she disappears, enclosed
in yellow, surrounded
by the vaporous exhausts
of a hundred thousand sets
of moving parts, wheeling
forward, going somewhere,
leaving him standing, not
comprehending, daffodils
dropping singly from his hand
to his feet. He looks up
to the entrance
of the Metropolitan, back
from the street, and knows
he must sit in front
of one painting,
only one, the one called

At dVerse Poets today, the poetics prompt is change. To see other poems submitted, please visit the site.

Painting: September, by Gerhard Richter (2005), Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


Claudia said...

nice..nature for sure makes for the most beautiful and fascinating painting that i could watch for hours and hours as well...

Brian Miller said... all the chaos of the world, a place of peace in front of that one painting...there are def a few i could retreat to ...happy new year to you...

Kathy Reed said...

Oh, I love the thought of doing just that ;)Happy New Year..

Anonymous said...

I like the association between the pain of parting and the balm of the one painting. Poignant in its implications of a back story.