Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Smoking area

My office used to overlook
the smoking area, the window
framing a view of inhaling
and puffing and low murmurs
of conversation, smoke rising
while it stained the space
around it, until the celebrants
were banished, chased away
to the property line. Now all
I see is an empty bench, with
no incense rising to heaven.

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And the poem is based upon a true story.


Maureen said...

". . . an empty bench, with / no intense rising to heaven" are my favorite lines. I like how they connect back to your use of "celebrants".

Pat Hatt said...

An empty scene or the rising smoke of those fying their lungs, hmm tough choice haha great write.

SimplyDarlene said...

I bet their essence still lingers though.


Brian Miller said...

ha incense comes in all kinds eh? smiles...interesting how the smoking huts are gone...some still bear the stains of their passing....bet that smelled wonderful too...ha...

vivinfrance said...

As an ex-smoker, I am somewhat ashamed of my hatred of those sordid smoking areas with their huddles of guilt-ridden outcasts. How hypocritical could I be?

I much prefer incense.

Anonymous said...

the burning
of dry leaves
on the edge
of fresh air
to the exhaling
of prayer

Sabio Lantz said...

I love incense and hate smoke. Don't equate them !!

Tashtoo said...

I love the smell of a just lit cigarette on a frosty morning...and I've yet to kick the habit...my own remaining crutch...I will, because I should..But I thought this incredibly unique and wonderfully penned!

Louise Gallagher said...

I find a wry sense of humour in this one.

Well done!

David Rupert said...

I look down on the smoking area. During winter, I call them "the huddled masses"

Unknown said...

Very nice poem Glynn. You captured something so many office workers see and turned it into something almost sacred. Very good indeed.

Anonymous said...

As unhealthy as it is/was (smoking) - there was a certain camaraderie between the participants which had a uniqueness which possibly doesn't have an equivalent now. The closer to the end; the stronger the connections tended to become. Your words reminded me of these huddles and evoked an element of reminiscence which was bittersweet.

Laura said...

"an empty bench, with
no incense rising to heaven" that is such a different view of smoking... beautiful line.

Unknown said...

I agree with Laura...definitely a different way to look at smoking! I like the lens on your vision of the world...I look forward to reading more of you.