Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Poets and Poems: Roger McGough’s “As Far As I Know”

Sometimes I forget that poetry can be fun, not in the adult sense of enjoyment or humor but in the child’s sense of the sheer joy of it all.

Roger McGough reminded me.

I was reading his As Far As I Know: Poems, published last year. The poems were serious, although I’d see an occasional veer to what sounded like fun. Then I read “Deadpan Delivery:”

I was popping a few frozen
fugu fish fingers under the grill
when there came a loud knocking.

Quickly donning my clown costume
I opened the door.
It was the Deadpan Man with a delivery.

‘Have I got to sign for this?’ I asked.
‘No, I’m not hard of hearing,’
he quipped, deadpan.

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