Sunday, May 11, 2014

A book to be lived, he said

It is a book to be lived, he said,
not only studied, he said, but to be lived.

It says six things about God, he said,
at least six but remember these
            He’s a god of mercy
            He’s a god of eternity
            He’s a god of the trinity
Jesus is the firstfruit
Jesus is the firstborn
Jesus rules

And the book says three things,
at least three things, likely more than three
but at least these three
about sin
about being freed from sin
            you’re freed from the penalty
            you’re freed from the power
            you’re freed from the presence
the key word is freed, he said

And the book says two things, at least
two things, about what Jesus did, likely
more than two, he said,
but at least these two
            He made us a kingdom
            He made us priests

And the book says one thing, he said,
at least one thing, about the gospel, likely
more than one thing
but at least this one
            the gospel defines you:
            you’re loved
you’re free

It was a revelation.

Photograph by Lisa McCarty via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Nells Wasilewski said...

I will say one thing, I love this. It is a beautiful and insightful poem. :-)

Martha Jane Orlando said...

The Good News in a nutshell . . . beautifully woven words, Glynn!

diana said...

I finished this marvelous poem and breathed out loud, "THAT is cool!" And it truly is. Thank you so much. I'm putting this on in my to-be-kept file.

Glynn said...

Thanks to all of your for reading and the comments.