Thursday, May 7, 2015

This day you will be

We heard the soldiers
before we saw them
the sounds, explosions
at the edge moving
steadily center
boots thudding, tires
squealing, doors accepting
pounding, splintering
rifle shots, staccato
of machine guns

we kneel, hands folded
listening to words
flowing from Word
words attempting
to overpower the sounds
outside, failing

I am with you

Sounds of soldiers, closer
screams, shouting grows
louder, closer I look
to the bowed heads
of the children listening
to the words flowing
from Word, trembling
my hands shaking

The shouting, pounding
arrives at the door
I am with you always
this day you will be

Photograph of the Holocaust Monument - Moscow by Lynn Greyling via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.

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