Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Good Reads

Yes, this election campaign is turning out to be one of the worst ever for stupidity, accusations, vilification, spin, and counter-spin. And the candidates’ supporters are likely worse in this regard than the candidates themselves. If you ever want to see confirmation bias in full flower, just check your Facebook feed. Even author Eric Metaxas, who produced the wonderful biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (the Christian murdered by the Nazis), has been called an anti-Semite for his political endorsement.

Can we stop this? Please?

Seventy-five years ago, in the middle of World War II, the BBC asked C.S. Lewis to record some broadcasts on Christianity (it’s hard to imagine that happening today). They turned him into a household name.

In Iraq, a Muslim woman has been devoting her life to helping Christians displaced by ISIS, and there are a lot of Christians displaced by ISIS.

Good poetry, some wonderful photos of women’s fashion styles in the 1920s, some haunting photos of an abandoned factory by Tim Good, and a list of the best bookshops in London (I’ve been to only three; time to go back!). And a Norwegian sings an American folk song -- and transforms it.


Why I Am (Still) Not Who I Am – Jay Cookingham at Soulfari.


Here is a day and Colorless rain – Barbara Mackenzie at Signed…BKM.

Teacher – Helen at His Refuge Wings.

No One Has Time for This – Elizabeth Marshall at When Grace Appears.

Life and Culture

Black and Blue and All – Loren Paulsson at World Narratives.

No, Eric Metaxas is Not a Proto-Nazi – Rod Dreher at American Conservative.

Conversation with R.R. Reno – Mark Movsesian at Law and Religion Forum.

A Letter to My Daughter about Young Men – Benjamin Sledge at Medium.

Art and Photography

Future Past and Ruins – Tim Good at Pics, Poems, and Ponderings.


Meet the Speechwriters! – David Murray at Writing Boots.

On Southern Literature and a Sense of Place – Amanda Nelson at Book Riot.

British Stuff

Best Bookshops in London – Visit London.

Sissel Kyrkjebø sings “Shenandoah”

Painting: Woman Reading with Peaches, oil on canvas (1923) by Henri Matisse.

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