Sunday, September 23, 2018

An odd gift

After John 17:26

It’s a gift, to be sure,
but an odd one for all that.
It’s a gift that, as soon
as you receive it, you are
to give it away. And yet
it remains, even as 
you give it away;
it doesn’t disappear,
it doesn’t diminish as 
it’s handed away; even 
more oddly, the gift grows
as it’s given away, and 
the more it’s given away,
the more it grows for the giver.
It may be love.
It may be light.
It may be both and likely is.
But the point is the giving,
the whole point, and
nothing but the point.
This sounds like a riddle.

Photograph by Joanna Kosinka via Unsplash. Used with permission.

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It is so true that the only way to grow love is to give it away. Jesus gave us His love on the cross and continues every moment of every day to give us His love and His light. If we don't pass it on to others, it will dry up for us. Thanks for sharing Glynn.