Saturday, September 21, 2019

Saturday Good Reads

Scooby Doo turned 50 years old this past week, and CrimeReads celebrated with two perspectives. Olivia Rutigliano describes the cartoon as the “perfect, weird, hopeful mystery series that 1969 needed,” and Eleni Theodoropoulos says Scooby Doo “revived gothic storytelling for generations of kids.”I wasn’t a kid, but I loved it.

What was London Bridge ended up somewhere in Arizona, but there is still the London Bridge of history and memory. Dean Hamilton at English Historical Fiction Authors.describes the bridge in the time of the Tudors

The latest issue of An Unexpected Journal is about dystopia, and it’s filled with fascinating articles (and even a poem by Annie Nardone) on George Orwell’s 1984. Try The Failure of Strength: A Study in Christian Resistance by George Scondras and Orwell’s1984, 70 Years Later: Are We the Dead?by Donald Catchings. Or just read the entire issue – it’s that good. 

More Good Reads

American Stuff

Harold Lloyd’s Death-Defying Comedy – Kristin Hunt at JSTOR Daily.

What is the Constitution For? – Bruce Frohnen and The Coups Against the Constitution – Paul Krause, both at The Imaginative Conservative.


The Ministry of Presence – Tim Challies.


Rotten STEM: How Technology Corrupts Education – Jared Woodard at American Affairs.

The Forgotten Conservative Value: Wilderness – Paul Krause at Front Porch Republic.

Juries, Judges, and Justice Thomas on Defamation – Thomas Ascik at The Imaginative Conservative.

British Stuff

Is England Still Part of Europe? – Victor Davis Hanson at National Review.

The Historic Border Town of Shrewsbury – Annie Whitehead at English Historical Fiction Authors.


‘Soaplessly in Love’ and Other Poetry – Daniel Galef at the Society of Classical Poets.

This Saying is Trustworthy and Deserving of Full Acceptance – Anne Kennedy at Preventing Grace.

Mitzvah – Paul Mariani at First Things Magazine.

Writing and Literature

Protestant Fiction Needs the Catholic Imagination – Jessica Hooten Wilson at Church Life Journal.

Weathering the Books – Rebecca Martin at The Rabbit Room.

The Golden Age of Detective Fiction Renaissance – Martin Edwards at CrimeReads.

Haunted by Grace, a little East of Eden: A Literary Apologetic – Barbara Castle at Front Porch Republic.

50 Remarkable Photos Showing Life in the 1850s

Painting: Man Reading, oil on board (1958) by Renzo Vespignani (1924-2001).

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