Wednesday, September 18, 2019

“The Wedding List” by Autumn Macarthur

Ten years earlier, 16-year-old Beth Forrest worked as a housemaid at the stately home of the Tetherton-Harts, an Anglo-American family with the daughter of a viscount as the mother and an American business tycoon as the father. They had one child, 19-year-old James, with a penchant for physics, a brilliant, and a growing friendship with Beth. His mother wants James to marry well, and a housemaid from a poor family didn’t fit her definition. So Beth was sent packing, and James was sent off.

Ten years have passed. Beth now works in the wedding registry for the London department store Pettett & Mayfield (think Selfridge’s, Harrods, and similar stores). It’s nearing Halloween, and the store has all employees in costume; Beth is wearing a bloodied wedding dress. Who should show up desperately needing a wedding present but James, who’s now teaching at Cambridge and in line to become a professor. 

Autumn Macarthur
Beth realizes she’s still in love with James; James knows he’s still in love with Beth. But they both have considerable baggage to deal with – Beth is still hurt that he never tried to contact her, and she’s still embarrassed by her low-oncome family. James has his mother, who’s still determined that he must marry well. But James convinces Beth to attend the wedding with him.

The Wedding List by Autumn Macarthur is the story of Beth and James. It’s the first in Macarthur’s “Love in Store” series, set at Pettett & Mayfield and central London. The characters of Beth and James are drawn well – Beth is full of insecurities and James is something of the absentminded professor. 

Macarthur has written numerous books in the Christian inspirational romance genre and inspirational non-fiction. Her novels include The Macleans series, the Together for Christmas, series, the Billionaire Protectors series, the Sweetapple Falls series, the London Loves series, the Come to the Lake series, and the Huckleberry Lake series. She lives in London. 

The Wedding List is a fun, sweet story, in the Christian romance genre, with the added bonus of a fair amount of sightseeing (in this case, the wedding scene at the Tower of London Bridge).  


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